Wengel+Associates' design philosophy is so simple you can sum it up in a three-word headline.

You see, we've found over the years that a distinctive, clutter-busting voice is only evolved through a focused, intensely thought-through message. That means lots of research. Tons of creative brainstorming. And finally, excellent execution.

That's what this mysterious thing called brand development is really all about. Whether it be in brand strategy and positioning, to advertising for print, web, exhibit, signage and more... whatever your media needs are.

We're a creative team of nine that's been assembled from metro Detroit's top tier talents in design, writing, web development, internet marketing, media and eBusiness. We've developed and executed our special brand of focused marketing for a variety of professions, industries, platforms and technologies.

And, importantly, we deliver our work at an affordable cost. Allow us to underline that: affordable cost.

Of course, word of mouth counts too. If you'd like client references, we'll gladly supply them on request.

The results have not gone unnoticed. Our work has won important industry awards, including Clios, Caddys, Addys, and national trade publication excellence awards, paper manufacturing awards.